About Le Nez

Legendary  Argentine winemaker José Galante joined forces with leading French winemaker Vincent Chansault to create three distinct ranges that stand out and challenge traditional wine expectations  and deliver exceptional quality.

Le Nez’s three distinct ranges span a breadth of price points and drinking occasions, offering open-minded wine lovers a new and exciting way to enjoy their favourite tipple. From the playful and accessible MOMENTS range, to the contemporary classics of the organic Le Nez Français collection and the ultra-premium Le Nez Imperium, the distinct Languedoc terroirs are brought to life in these vibrant wines.


The first vineyards in the Languedoc are thought to be planted along the coast near Narbonne by the early Greek civilization in the fifth century BC. Along with certain vineyards in Provence, these are considered as the oldest planted vineyards in France. Some even say that winemaking as we know it started in the Languedoc.

It is considered as an ideal region to grow wines. The climate is stable and warm and the higher altitude of the vineyards gives cool nights, which has a positive effect on the development of the grapes resulting in sumptuous, fruit-forward wines. There is a great diversity of terroirs and the unique conditions of the vineyards makes the region resistant for diseases and fungus, making it one of the best spots in France to grow organic grapes.

Our vineyards

Sandy soils, sandstone, black marl, shale and many other soil types can be found within our vineyards. The diversity of each vineyard adds its specific character to our wines. We manage each vineyard from the pruning until the harvest according the organic growing principals that strictly correspond to our sustainability goals.

Vincent Chansault

Born in 1980, Vincent Chansault is one of the new generation winemakers paving the way for premium wines from Languedoc-Roussillon. Graduating from the school of Viticulture and Oenology in Cognac, he went on to gain valuable experience in the Loire Valley, the Rhône and South Africa where he worked for several years at  the famous Boekenhoutskloof in Franschhoek. Back in France, it’s in Languedoc that he makes a memorable impression, and now also as part of the winemaking duo behind the creative and unique wines of Le Nez.

José “Pepe” Galante

Before joining Bodegas Salentein as Chief Winemaker in 2010, Galante led the prominent Catena Zapata Group for more than thirty years and worked with numerous international wine consultants. With more than 40 vintages, José Galante is considered the father of modern winemaking in Argentina. Galante’s influence has reached across the generations and transformed Argentine wines, bringing them to the international stage. Together with Vincent Chansault he now also creates the beautiful wines of Le Nez, combining the expertise of new world wines to the old world sites.